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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 6, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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this is about saving your life. >> largent mandatory evacuation since super storm sandy with just hours to go. we're live with coverage on the impact. a plant biology protegee lost her life in ethiopia. >> this is the storm posing a threat to millions of people. we're just learning that hurricane matthew killed at least 264 people. >> this storm will kill you. time is running out.
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>> get oit, now is the word. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristin zee. president obama declared a state of emergency in both florida and south carolina as hurricane matthew barrels towards the u.s. >> it is just hours from making land fall in florida. >> the storm is benninging high waves, high winds and a high risk of danger. you can see that is the case in this picture in florida. spencer? >> it probably comes as no surprise, this is a position of hurricane matthew right now. sustained winds of 130 miles per hour and it's already lashing c make land fall over the next self hours. this is how it looks. you can see bands of heavy rain and thunderstorms and some bands could contain tornadoes.
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the area in red here from charleston, south carolina down to south of miami is the area covered by hurricane warning until sunday afternoon and the rest of the area in muted color red is under tropical storm warnings until sunday morning. let's take a look at the projected track of the storm. category 4 tomorrow morning will weaken and a dangerous and powerful storm as it nears jacksonville. and finally, toward charleston, south carolina as a category 1, watch it makes a sharp turn to sea, weakens to tropical storm strength on sunday, still, it has potential to pick up hefo rain and till, as a tropical storm makes a circle as it seems to head back towards miami.
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eight inches of rain in that area, and the storm surge could be dangerous and damaging. isolated tornadoes are possible and there is yet another hurricane building out there. hurricane nicole. >> the closure of south florida airports is creating headaches for passengers west to the bay area. san fan international airport said it had eight cancelled flights today. abc7 news continues our team coverage live at sfo. david? >> reporter: airlines can experience a nom know affect as airlines can't get their aircraft to various destinations. some passengers had been able to rebook flights and others will have difficulty getting to their
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destinations. the cancelled flights have been limited to miami, orlando and fort lauderdale. >> what they're saying is that the flights are getting rerouted up north and so it's congesting a lot of what they can do for new york. >> so how does it affect your mans? >> passengers were scrambling to rebook flights. and paul johnson lives in sarasota. >> catching an early flight, doing what we have to do to make sure we're not stuck. >> what this doesn't tell you is how cancellations could have a ripple affect on an airline. a cancelled flight to miami means a cancelled flight to
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buenas aires. travel agency access trips has a group visiting what vana right now but with a gup scheduled to leave cuba, plans are in place. veteran flyer who's faced thunderstorms in the past are seeing patience tested by a hurricane. >> are you glad you're not going to florida? >> definitely. no hurricanes. >> at san francisco international airport, david louie, abc7 news. >> the inner states in florida and throughout southeast are using a flow to help residents get to safety. you can see gridlock this afternoon in orlando. the walt disneyworld resort closed today and will stay closed through tomorrow. disney says it is taking
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precautions are the safety of guests. this is the scene as the storm slammed into the bahamas. you can see boats being sloan like they're just toys. take a look at the damage matthew caused to a home in the bahamas. you can see the wind there ripping that roof after of the house. now, if matthew makes land fall as a category 4 storm, core logic florida homes are at risk and will cost $1 $189 billion to rebuild south carolina, north carolina, and georgia are at risk of losing hundreds of thousands of homes. >> hurricane matthew is expected to make land fall within hours
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and. >> we've seen the worst of conditions so far today. strong gusts and rain. this is just one. >> our apologies, we cannot hear you. we're trying to get the mic sorted out. it's coming down where marcy is. this storm expected to hit the coast of florida in the next few hours as a category 4 storm and is expected to cause just enormous damage up the coast of florida through georgia and into the carolinas over the next few hours. >> and you can see -- you can stay on top of the storms's current location by down loading our abc7 news app and enabling push alerts.
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you can watch the forecast there and also, latest up to the minute forecast and information by getting the abc7 news app. >> we'll come back but let's move on now. an oakhand mother has been arrested on charges of abusing her 13-month-old son. the intoi now in critical condition. police say they responded after being alerted to a possible case of child abuse. investigators determined the mother was responsible hurting that boy. a car being followed by oakland police caused a five-vehicle crash at the off ramp to eastbound interstate 80 this afternoon. oakland officers received a report that the people inside might have been armed so they followed it onto the freeway. the car suddenly exited the interstate and collided with the vehicle that's we're talking about. two people inside of the car were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. one occupant run away. officers are looking for that person. >> uc davis community is mourning the violent death of a
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prominent researcher who died in ethiopia on tuesday. as protestors threw stones on the van she was riding in. >> those who knew the 30-year-old researcher sharon gray say she was a blast of sunshine and a brilliant plant biologist. >> we already knew she's going to be the star in plant research. >> sharon gray worked at the brady lab and often traveled the world to talk about her research into the affects of climate change on the root systems of plants. 55 people died in protests oer v over political rights that erupted last weekend. just as sharon gray and another researcher arrived to attend a climate change meeting with the netherlands institute of ecology. they rode in a van just outside, they were pelted with rocks. >> one researcher was killed in
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ethiopia. the van she was in was hit by stones and thrown by proet yostors during a protest there. this is an international loss. >> big talent. >> big talent. >> her husband is waiting for the state department to transfer her body to illinois. students on campus reacted. >> seemed like she had a bright future. they say they go because they're so passionate about the work. >> let's go back now and talk about hurricane matthew on florida. it's expected to be a very damaging storm.
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we have reestablished our contact with marcy gonzales. >> dan and kristin, apologizing for those audio issues. we're seeing some of the most extreme conditions we have seen here all day. the wind gusts strong wind moving through. these are just the outer bands of hurricane matthew. it's expected to get worse into tonight and tomorrow morning and conditions will continue into this area. this area is bracing for the worse and they have been putting out warnings here saying this is going to be unpress debt dented in terms of damage here. so about two and a half million people could lose power sometime
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after the storm hits tonight. >> and sometimes will turn off power, people are being urged to evacuate and some will always stay behind. are they taking that seriously? >> they're expecting some of the worst damage. they shut down bridges connecting the beaches to the mainland around 6:00 so a few hours ago. they're asking people to be out of the beach and keftal areas before that time. but the governor held another news conference and said if you still have not evacuated to find a way to get out of the dangerous places. there are 100 shelters open tnight. >> thank you, marcy gonzales
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live in florida. >> in this case, it can be strong. >> in this case, coverage will continue at 6:00. >> hear if the pg and e crews headed into the disaster zone to provide crucial rebuilding work. plus. >> a minute and a half? >> what is going on during the debate. >> only abc7 news explains a story that has a school principal
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they prey on our children, spending billions. addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56.
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now to what has become the most talked about moment of the debate last night between u.s. senate candidates kamela harris and loretta sanchez. >> you have a win and a half. >> so there is a clear difference between the candidates in this race? >> there definitely is. >> what the video didn't capture is caught by an l.a. times photographer. sanchez dabbing at the end of her closing statement. the move became cool last year when carolina panthers quarterback cam newton started to do it to celebrate a touchdown. we have a valuable tool to help you prepare for election day. just click for the voter's edge
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election guide and enter and you'll get a resource showing you the candidates and measures on your local ballot. that is at >> most parents know importance of fund raising for kids. one student tried to raise money for a planned class trip to washington, d.c. what happened next has the school district apologizing. several weeks ago, juniors and and seniors of the law academy were offered a possible trip to the nation's capital. >> they told us that the trip was $1800 and said -- >> per student? >> yes. he said if each student can raise $1600 they can pay the rest of it. >> the 16-year-old did what she
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could to raise money, including selling baked goods at school. yesterday, she brought cookies and she was sent to student services. she claims a staff member reprimanded her. >> i didn't know. she took my bag and opened it and took money out and told me, this is not allowed. she threw my cookies in the trash. >> they were referred to the school hand book, a document we found online there. is a paragraph that says students involved in unauthorized sales will have their money and sale item confiscat confiscated. >> when they're trying to work hard, to accomplish their goals. >> both the school and district refused to go on camera but in a phone conversation said the principal apologized and will return the money.
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now, hannah hopes it won't hurt her chances of going to washington. >> the loma fire is now fully contained. they'll remain on the scene to do more mop up work. this destructive fire started on september 26th. and flames destroyed 12 homes and the fire burned 4400 acres. >> we have great weather coming our way for fleet week. you can see clear skies, sunny skies across the bay area right now. and it's going to be sunny over the next several days and warming trend will continue. notice 24 hour temperature change. most locations are warmer now and it's 7:00 degrees warmer in
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concord and along to the live view sending in high clouds. low 70s on mountain view. this is the view here in downtown san francisco. looking under mostly blue skies, mid-70s right now in santa rosa and napa. and one more live view over san francisco from sutro tower, fleet week warmth will continue through sunday. and there is a chance of showers late next week. first we get to enjoy summer like weather. skies will be clear and dropping into mid temperatures and mainly low to mid-50s on the coast and tomorrow, sunny skies high temperatures low 70s in spots. upper 70s to low and mid-80s
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around the bay and upper 80s to near 90s inland. let's take a look at our neat week forecast for the three-day period friday through sunday. high temperatures tomorrow and saturday, upper 70s and 80s. great weekend of weather for fleet week into friday and totals between three tenths of an inch in the north bay. and south bay, some locations may seem no measurable rainfall. high temperatures inland
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reaching or exceeding 90 degrees. and marine layer starts to return. there is a chance late friday into saturday. >> coming up next, changing the meaning of a costume. what is going to be different for some kids. >> we're believing as an even in the giants after a win over the mets. they'll take on the cubs tomorrow, hopefully, another world series. >> share your pride with us. >> share your pride with us. add #abc7now to your
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive.
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a south bay school district is banning certain costumes from catchuses this halloween. >> it's a reaction to creepy social media postings, vic lee is live in san jose with more. >> evergreen valley is part of the east side union high school district. the superintendent sent this letter to parents and students
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warning them to be on the lookout to be alert this season. this have been too many people dressed as clowns and acting bizarre and inappropriately. >> so other people won't get scared. >> it and most have been just that. sighti sightings there are clowns on social media trying to get students to react. >> the question is any student not to respond and inform site administrate joer. >> just to be safe, the district says it's on heightened alert and administrators sent a letter saying we'll not allow clown
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costumes nor any costumes that disguise identities of students. >> kids should be able to be what they want to be for halloween without everyone going crazy about the loun things. >> i agree we need to keep the best, safest, keep them as safe as possible, as school. >> students had varied responses. >> it's not real. just someone pretending to be something. so i don't think they should ban it. >> if enforced we are going to take action and respect the rules that they are playing out here at the school. >> this and i think it's fair. >> this store says they've had a customer returning a clown outfit. vic lee, abc7 news.
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>> hurricane matthew is just hours from florida now. the focus is on getting people out of the storm's path, some people from the bay area are heading in. >> next, how our local pg and e crews can recover or rebuild. >> a woman gets a ticket for a car she doesn't own and fast car she doesn't own and fast track says she has you're 9 hours and 45 minutes into your quest. and the silver sword of garmúz is finally within reach. but now the one who needs an energy-orb is you. well good news. because jack in the box now delivers through doordash. so you can get all your favorites delivered right to your door. like my sriracha curly fry burger,
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at this hour, category 4 hurricane matthew is bearing down on the southeast and expected to make land fall late tonight. the powerful storm blasted through the bahamas today and headed toward florida's east coast. >> rick scott is urging everyone up and down the coast to get out of the danger zone immediately. >> there are no excuses. you need to leave. evacuate. evacuate. evacuate. >> matthew is blamed for 264 deaths in haiti and officials say thousands of homes were destroyed there. >> dozens of pg and e workers
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will do their part to help in the aftermath of hurricane matthew, including crews from here in the bay area. >> that is right. laura anthony has the story now from antioch. >> p fwchlt and e crews are gearing up to head east. these are 100 workers from northern and central california who will board a plane to florida friday morning. >> you just expect the worst. and hope for the best. >> this lineman knows some of what to suspect this time. >> it's a broken poll, arms, wired down. that is typical. put up new wire. >> it's exciting, i guess. i mean that is, we have
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resources. he. >> the trip east marks the first time pg and e put to use a mutual aid agreement two years ago. the crews will be doing work similar to lake county. >> it is very similar in the kinds of work. >> it won't be for hurricane, but it's a favor that will be returned by florida power and light after the next disaster. >> you can see abc7 news app. just enable push alerts. >> details about that deadly train crash in hoboken, new jersey. ntsb says the train ped up seconds before it crashed. the train was going 21 miles per
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hour and p the emergency brake was pulled. one woman died after she was struck by flying debris. 100 others were injured in the crash. >> there is a lot of scrutiny on how police respond to people who may be armed. there is a telling story about a police shooting that did not happen. >> reporter: a contrast of what might have been had they responded differently last week. the call came from a terrified mother who saw someone walking by with a hood and what appeared to be an assault rifle.
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>> i was scared. scary. >> could they have been mistaken? >> absolutely. absolutely. if i -- if it was me, i would have thought it was. >> these officers have a matter of seconds to make a decision. and they have to make the right one every time. >> when police arrived they ordered boys to drop those weapons and they complied. >> we'd have been say sad outcome. he, too, carried an air rifle. >> just what is the purpose? . >> i don't see him as a threat but there is potential misunderstanding. >> police regard this as a broader teaching moment. >> we want nothing to happen. >> this time, it did not. just a lesson and one grateful
7:36 pm
police officer. >> i'm glad no child was hurt. no officer was hurt. >> some brave little girls and boys received new shots today in oakland. abc7 news was at glenn view elementary for a shoe the new clinic. this year there is not an alternative because the cdc did not approve the use of flu mist, saying effectiveness is unknown. >> there was a job fair hiring veterans. 57 met at the recruit military hiring event this afternoon. organizers say they expected to fill 120 positions today. job training and career counselling were provided and tailored for transition from
7:37 pm
military to civilian work live. >> when the company that says it's your job to fix
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michael finney is investigated a number of mistakes involving fast track citations. >> a south bay woman got caught in a situation that exposes another flaw. michael is here with the story. michael? >> wait until you hear the request for this woman. this woman was blamed for evading toll on a bridge she didn't cross on a car she didn't own. she says fast track told her to
7:41 pm
track down the driver. >> i'm shocked. >> cary mclaughlin's ordeal began with a violation notice that claims she crossed a bridge. it turns out it was not hers, it was a dodge durango she sold nine years ago. >> the challenge is that the person never registered the vehicle. >> how far, cary filed a release of liability form with the dmv, meaning no one can hold her responsible. she pointed that out to fast track. >> the next thing is that i get another letter back. >> fast track said she had to pay the fine. the release of liability record did not show the owner's address. >> she told me i had to pay it or i had to track down the new owner of the vehicle and that person's address she says fast track warned it would go up.
7:42 pm
facebook. i see this person on they said, well, i guess you better find her. >> cary said she asked fast track why it could not see the release of liability. >> it shows it's not my car. they said we don't care. >> we asked fast track and they dismissed the violation. later we obtained that data and asked fast track why it could not get that information. and a spokesperson said keep in mind they work under stringent regulations while seeking to serve a purpose, often make it difficult for information sharing. >> at the end of the day, it's only 7 on your side going to advocate for you. >> okay. we contacted the chairman of the metropolitan transportation commission which runs fast track and asked why cary was put into the position of trying to track down a toll violator.
7:43 pm
he toll told us he's looking into that matter and i will keep you posted as we get more information. i want to hear from you if you have an issue like this or any other consumer problem. >> that is an impossible request. >> yes. >> where do you again? >> thanks, michael. >> coming up next, marketing market street. >> pete the artists they prey on our children, spending billions. addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them.
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now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56.
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the street at the center of san francisco will be looking different over the next two days. jonathan bloom explains it's the second chapter of an effort to prototype the market street of the future. stop and reflect for just a moment amid mirrors and bars of the inside out dance studio. >> we had a lot of audience members so a lot of folks curious about what is going on. >> it's the market street prototyping festival. >> this is what we've learned a
7:47 pm
lot from last year. >> designers were asked to build installations that could be chosen for a permanent place. >> and that everyone here today can tell us what they think of them. >> some are candy for the eyes. >> the experience of it changes. >> this lights up. >> today, it's nice. but at night there is an extra spark in it. there is cherry on top of ice cream. >> this is all about ears. >> put your hand on top. and how about a lunch time vacation for your nose? >> the first thing is oh, gosh, it smells good. >> the real mark of success isn't on how they change the look, but behavior of people. >> this is fun. this is fun. i want to eat he's herbs. i want to read poetry. >> these co-workers got side tracked at the sidewalk library. >> it's a high brary branch? >> just walking down a busy
7:48 pm
street, smiling and engaging. you see people talking that would never otherwise speak to one another. that is what we need in society. >> the beginning of a new market street. the city prepares to resign it's main thoroughfare from a street into a destination. >> should be more than just a place to move through. should be a place to be. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> we are continuing to monitor conditions along the florida coast. hurricane matthew is expected to make land fall in just a few hours. wind and rain are picking up along florida's atlantic coast. mandatory evacuation orders have been issued in the storm's path. the president declared a state of emergency emergency in florida and south carolina. haiti's interior minister says the death toll has risen to 283 because of hurricane matthew's impact. spencer christian tracking. >> it's still bearing down on
7:49 pm
the southern coast, southeastern coast of florida i should say. here is a view category 4 hurricane, winds 130 miles per hour, very dangerous storm. this is how it looks on radar damage. you can see bands of heavy rain and thunderstorms whipping around. some bands could generate tornadoes. this is the expected path of the storm track along the florida coast tonight and throughout the day torrow. weakening to category 3, a danger russ storm by oh, afternoon tomorrow, as it reaches jacksonville, and a category 2 on saturday and now to a one by saturday evening as it reaches charleston, south carolina, then going to make a charl turn and weaken into a tropical storm and making a loop as a tropical storm.
7:50 pm
impact is 4 to 8 inches of rain generally. extensived intoing is expected and tornadoes possible. we have mildest of mild back here in the bay area. great fleet weekend of weather coming up. sunny, mild through and maybe sprinkles next week. >> that is great for everyone in town. >> it is. >> you know with great weather, the pilots were getting ready for fleet week, starting tomorrow andoes through monday. bay area news group writer jimmy dushgin posted this video with us. larry? you've got a lot of work to do, too. >> yes. but not as much as madison
7:51 pm
bumgartner did and the cubs heavy favorites to win with the world series. can the giants continue the cubs
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>> we're still in amazement at the sheer domination and carry them to victory in a must win game. mad bum broke backs and hearts of the fan was a game shut out. really puts him in a condition ver sayings as parts the greatest big game pitcher ever. mad bum pitched in eight road games and giants won all eight. and allowed three earned runs in those games. johnny quato will start against a cubs team favored to win the world series. here is manager bruce bocci. >> the great thing about the game right now is you know, it's all new, now. you start from 0. you is the same records so it doesn't matter how you get here, it's a good feeling to be here
7:55 pm
despite the struggles that we have had the second half. >> they're good. they know how to do this. respect for boc. you can see that how well reaction to last night, the bumgardener not only him, the group. they just know how to do this. they're formidable and it should be interesting. >> after the game, joe panic, the giants infielder posted this picture and enjoyed original new york pizza. and now for chicago deep dish, next. and l.a. will go with their ace, big lefty. clayton kershaw over 4.5, kershaw says he's feeling good now and says success without him has taken pressure off him.
7:56 pm
>> an intense series last year, you had jose batista's back flip. this game, four for four and third inning and the score makes it 1-0. the south bay nate native with a bases loaded so everybody scores 5-0 toronto. no back flip, but joey bats launches a three-run bomb with four rbis. and they take a 1-0 series lead there. raiders will host chargers but silver and black doubtful because of a foot injury. other two came on touchdowns in the final couple minutes of the game so they can be undefeated.
7:57 pm
he's he's done it without two of the best weapons. keenan allen. >> what phillip does is and find a way to get a win. >> 49ers hosting cardinals. first half is like a puntathon. just dreadful offense. and at the half, this is a 7-7 game. >> i was thinking we should get paid to watch this. i realize, i do. so i'm feeling okay about it. >> you do. >> it does it does, yes. >> thanks larry. >> join us tonight at 9:00. right here on abc7 we're
7:58 pm
tracking also at 11:00 a brothel bust in a bay area home, tonight police say it was the center of human trafficking. >> that is cing up and that is this edition of abc7 news. we appreciate your time as always. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristin zee. from the entire abc7 news team, have a good night.
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